Why I Love Alpha Phi: Kailee Hernandes


Kailee Hernandes

The amount of times I have tried to write this is crazy. I want to be able to share what Alpha Phi has done to my life, but words cannot describe.  Coming to college, I was known as the “momma’s girl”. I constantly had a problem with being away from home. My biological sisters told me that I would drive back from UNL numerous times a week, only being from Omaha. At first, I truly believed that this would be the case. I really thought I was going to be home sick and not enjoy being away from home.
Not only did I not want to go back home but also I dreaded breaks after becoming a member of Alpha Phi. The women I met in this house made it seem like I WAS home. They are my support team and biggest fans. I truly feel like this is where I belong, not because of any one specific thing, but because of 100+ specific women.
From movies in our jammies to jam seshes at three in the morning, these women have it all. All of my Alpha Phi sisters encourage me to be the best woman I can be; they don’t ask me to be someone or something else. No matter the time of day, I know that I can count on any one of my sisters and I know they will be there for me. As had I said before,, no words can describe what the women of Aphi have done for me. Now I know, that no matter where I go, as long as I have my sisters, I will always be at home.