Coming to college as an out-of-state student was a terrifying experience for me! I was so worried about finding a place to fit in, a group of friends to feel comfortable around, and people to motivate me. Three years later, and I can honestly say that Alpha Phi has brought all of these things to me and more. Through Alpha Phi, I have been empowered to thrive and grow in college. I am passionate about Alpha Phi and the impact it has on our women and cannot wait to share this with all of our New Members! I could not be more excited to meet all of them and help each and every one reach her potential. Our New Member Education process is an exciting way to learn about what it means to be a woman in Alpha Phi as well as form lasting connections and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Can’t wait to meet you all!

Maddie Gaber
VP of New Member Education and Programming


We have a six-week new member program that begins with Bid Day and ends with initiation. Each week, the new members will meet with our New Member Educator to learn about what it means to be an Alpha Phi, as well as how to become involved on campus to have a successful start to their college careers.
Each week the new member is paired up with an “Ivy Linker” from the sophomore pledge class, and they will do things together that week to get to know each other such as getting ice cream, getting a tour of campus, going shopping or making crafts at Paint Yourself Silly. As a freshmen pledge class, along with the sophomores, new members attend Ivy Linker Events, which include anything from community service projects to a group yoga class!
The week of initiation, the new members will become a part of an Alpha Phi family, which of course means finding out pledge moms. This is someone who the new member can go to for anything throughout the year and who will be her roommate the next year when she moves in.
The new members also have “Freshman Retreat”, a night of bonding that allows new members to really get to know their fellow pledge class members. During their new member program, they also plan a surprise theme for their Initiation Party. As winter break approaches, the new members come to the chapter house decked out in “ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday music” to help put up Christmas lights, hang ornaments on the Christmas tree, and decorate cookies.
Throughout the new member’s first year in our sorority, she will find these moments and countless others to be lifelong memories, while quickly becoming acclimated into Alpha Phi.