To all those considering Recruitment 2018 at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln; I want to be the first to say, welcome to the most exciting time of your life! Transitioning to college can be a little scary, but going through Recruitment will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You are about to join something much bigger than yourself. You will find friendships that will never fade, but will also be a part of a community that promotes leadership, scholarship, involvement and service. I am so proud to say that I am a member of the Greek community here at the University of Nebraska.

Within the Greek system, I found my home in Alpha Phi. I soon discovered that this home away from home would mean so much more to me than I could have ever dreamed. Inside Alpha Phi I met the most genuine, inspiring, diverse, goofy, and loving women. I found sisters who I had never realized I needed, but now would be lost without… They are the encouraging words that get me through the toughest of days. They are the ones who push me to get through my hardest exams when I feel like giving up. They are the laughs that make it hard to breathe and they are the shoulder to cry on when a laugh is not enough. They are the ones who accept me as I am and the ones to push me to be the best version of myself, always.

Three years ago today I had no idea what the Greek system and Alpha Phi would mean to me. Today, I would give anything to be in your shoes and do it all over again. To get to have more time in this place with these people is all I could ever hope for, but sadly my time is now coming    an end. So please, take this opportunity and enjoy every second of it. It may not seem like it yet, but time will go by faster than you think. Find your place that feels like home. Surround yourself with those who will not only support you throughout your four years here, but for the rest of your life. My best advice for going through recruitment week is to be your whole self, let your passions shine through, be bold, take a deep breath, and have so much fun.

From all of us here at Alpha Phi, we wish you the best of luck during Recruitment and your time here at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. We could not be more excited for you, and I cannot wait to meet you in August!

Megan Warbalow
Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Becoming an Alpha Phi

An inside scoop on the first six weeks of the beginning of your journey in this unforgettable and lifelong sisterhood!

Bid Day

Welcome to Alpha Phi! A day filled with big smiles and full hearts.

Meet Ivy Linkers

Get to know the sophomore members by going on an ice cream date or a walk in the park with a different person each week. This helps campus feel a bit smaller too!

Initiation Week

A week of chapter bonding and preparation for the New Members to initiate into a life-long sisterhood.  


The Big White House officially becomes a home for the New Members of Alpha Phi.


To find out more about greek life at UNL visit http://www.unl.edu/greek/

Please Address all recommendation letters to:

  • Alpha Phi Nu Chapter
  • 1531 S STREET
  • Lincoln, NE 68508



  • At this time, Alpha Phi does not participate in Continuous Open Bidding.